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Electrical Power Transformer

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Distribution Transformers are used to step down three-phase high voltage to low voltage for energy distribution. Our liquid-filled transformers are manufactured in accordance with the most demanding industry and international standards. Transformers can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and can be provided with off-load and on-load tap changers. KVA -15 to 2500, Voltage (KV)- 11/22/33, Secondary Voltage- 433/550/660, Tap Charger- On load/ Off- Load, Duty- Continuous, Winding- Copper/ Aluminum.

Power Transformers form the backbone of large power networks. The design, workmanship and quality of raw materials ensure that give the customer long-term equipment. Reliability is a strong factor that we build into design knowing well that equipment will form the backbone of country. We ensure that each unit manufactured is subjected to through stage inspection, state testing and also full testing when the units are ready. Every successive range / capacity / model is offered for Type Test to validate design, workmanship and our inputs. KVA -2500 to 100,000, P.V.- 11k/22k/33k/66k/110k/132k/220k, S.V- 443/550/660/11k/22k/33k/66k. Duty- Continuous, Winding -Copper/Double copper wound.